APRIL 19, 1987  -  JUNE 11, 2002

    At a very young age, Wesley discovered his passion - hunting and fishing.  He looked forward to the opening of
each season with great anticipation.

    Wes was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (a bone cancer) at the age of seven.  Surgeries, chemotherapy,
radiation and weekly trips to the hospital did not deter Wes from enjoying his passions.  He simply would tell the  doctor"sorry that appointment time won't work.  I've got plans to go hunting and fishing"

    In March 2001 the opportunity of a lifetime was made possible for Wes and his family.  Through the diligent
efforts of Lloyd Brown and Hunt of a Lifeime Foundation Inc.  and many generous donations from friends, businesses and others,
Wes traveled to South Africa to hunt various big game animals.  In the week that he hunted, he took zebra,
springbok,blesbok, gemsbok, steenbok and an impala.  It was an unforgettable adventure for Wes and his family.

    On June 11, 2002, Wesley died from complications from his cancer.  The day before, he traveled to the
mountains, camped by a lake with poles ready to do some fishing.

                                                                                                                         by Kristie Borns (Wesley's Mother)

Photos of Wes in Africa       

    The Colorado Chapter annual fund raising event, for Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation Inc, is called
The" Wesley Borns Memorial Challenge" in memory of this young man.  The theme for the program
is "ONE ABSENT FRIEND", although we all know he is there with us. 

    Many of Wes's family and friends are actively involved with the activities of the Colorado Chapter
and for that we are truly grateful.
                                                                                                        Jon De Lorenzo
                                                                                                        Colorado State Ambassador
                                                                                                        Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation Inc.